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Use Technique Tiles to Make Trivets

Hi Technique Tuesday Fans!

Charlene here, and I have a fun little project to share with you. I'm going to show you how I made Trivets using chipboard as stencils. If you love chipboard, you are going to have fun playing with these Tile Toppers from TT. I promise!

Here's the list of materials I used:

Technique-Tuesday-Tile-Toppers-Classic-Technique-Tiles-Medium  Technique-Tuesday-Tile-Toppers-Flora-Fauna-Technique-Tiles-Medium

Technique Tuesday Tile Toppers  (both the Classic set and the Flora & Fauna set)

Spray Paint including a clear coat

Ceramic Tiles (I am recycling ones the previous homeowners of my house left, but these tiles are readily available and are super cheap.)


Painters Tape

Glue and Glue Dots (which are not in the picture)


OK. Let's get started. After choosing which designs I wanted to use, I started to separate the pieces.   

I chose to use the "negative" portion of the Tiles as that is the areas that I wanted to be painted. I used Glue Dots and 2 sided tape to adhere the image to the centre.   

Once I covered the edges of my ceramic tiles with painters tape, I used the frame that I cut apart (see above) to create a border. 


Then outside we went! (We as in me and my tiles...ha!) I took my chances and sprayed these on the deck even though it was a bit windy that day. A painters drop cloth comes in very handy! As you can see from my test sprays in the bottom right corner I couldn't decide on the grey or the orange paint but the grey won out in the end.  I did about 3 light sprays allowing about 10 mins to dry in-between. 

Who else loves spray paint?! I may or may not have several more cans in the basement. I've recently heard that the fine line between collecting and hoarding is "dust." Judging from the top of that stand I'd say I just crossed over the line. Yikesa. But come on people....I can't resist the temptation of picking up a new colour when I'm out and about.  (Anyone else have these issues?  No?  Just me?)


Here are the ceramic tiles after removing the Tile Toppers and the tape. The chipboard can be used over and over again. The swirly frame didn't have as clean of lines but you would just use more Glue Dots in more areas to avoid that from happening.  As it is I like that it has a antique-y look.  These Trivets have also been sprayed with 2 coats of a clear sealer spray. 


My very last step was to cut some cork to fit and glue it on the bottom. The E-6000 worked perfectly and that cork is not going anywhere.  


So there you have it.  My final product just waiting to be used at the dinner table. While I plan for these to be used as Trivets I think they will look great displayed in the kitchen when they are not in use.   


Thanks so much for visiting.  I hope I've inspired you to think of different ways you can use products that might originally be meant for paper crafts.  I'd love to know if you've "stenciled" anything lately.  If you have any questions at all just leave a comment and I'll pop in here to answer ya. 


Wow, Char! Look at you being all creative!! Super cute way to use the tiles as stencils! Can you believe I have not even ONE can of spray paint?? hee. I *think* that my husband might though. Probably black. Anyway, your trivets are just awesome... now I want to know if you have plans for the painted TT tiles, or if you are keeping them for future stenciling??

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