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Make patterned papers with Tobi


I'm Tobi, and I am here with Tobi’s Technique Tuesday Technique.

(How’s that for alliteration, eh?? Hee hee.)


I love making custom patterned paper, and watercolor crayons make it really easy to add a whole lot of colour in not a lot of time.

Here’s how you can make one like the one I created for my Hello card:

1. Stamp a background using a stamp that’s medium-to-large and fairly easy to colour. I chose TT’s Pocket Full of Posies. Then I scribbled my light blue colour all around the background area. Literally scribbled. Go over blue with water pen.


2. Start colouring the flower from the inside out starting with your darkest shade going to light.

3. Blend with the water pen using concentric circular motions starting from the middle and moving out. This will help your colours blend, and it will allow the darker colour to run out of the tip and allow the light colour to stand out.


4. Allow the paper to dry or heat it with a heat tool and decide if you want to add more colour or leave it alone. I chose to add more colour to both the background and the flowers for more drama.


5. Again, more messy colouring in the background and dark colours concentrated in the center of the flower. Blend with the water pen.


 6. You can now cut up your paper and use as desired, but I added one more step: Glimmer Mist!


This helped to unite all of the images on the paper and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a little bling?









Love your watercolored beauty, Tobi!!

Tobi....this is absolutely the prettiest DIY paper ever! LOVE it!

Great tutorial Tobi. Your paper turned out gorgeous!

Forgot to comment on this post when I saw it before. Love this card! Love your watercoloring tips, your example looks great! Thank you for sharing.

Katie B.

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