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Hi Everyone!

Charlene here, and I am thrilled to be posting on the ol' Technique Tuesday blog. You may already know this, but I love me some TT stamps.

I am going to show you how to emboss on fabric. In fact, I am going to show you how to heat emboss on three  different types of fabric: 

  • Denim from an old pair of jeans. Everyone has a pair of these they can spare.  If not, hit your local Goodwill store. 
  • Amy Butler fabric
  • A scrap of Ikea fabric

Here are the supplies I am using today:

And the TT stamps I am using are from: Pocket full of PosiesPetite Posies and Favorite Memories by Ali Edwards.

When heat embossing on fabric, you have to be fast. But more importantly you have to make sure that your embossing ink pad is nice and juicy. You will likely need a refill bottle of ink handy unless your ink pad is new.

Heat embossing is done on fabric just like it is when you do it on paper. Stamp your image with an embossable ink. Cover the image with embossing powder. Remove the excess powder and then use your embossing gun to melt the powder.

One small trick I have found though is that after I pour the powder onto the stamped images I use the lid from the jar to lightly press the embossing powder into the ink. This makes for a much more vibrant and solid image. 


In this picture below I want to show you the difference between heat embossing and ink on fabric. The top left sentiment is heat embossed after I pressed the powder into the ink. Nice solid image. The sentiment that is cut out is heat embossed also, but I did not press the powder into the ink on that sample. It's not the one I used on the card, but I was testing out how easily I could trim the sentiment out on the fabric. The bottom left image is straight brown ink and looks great, too. It's just much more subtle. Which do you like better?
The last fabric that I stamped and heat embossed was the pretty polka dot Amy Butler fabric. I thought it turned out cute and it didn't even bother me (much) that the powder stuck in places it shouldn't have. 

And last but not least here is my card I put together using my heat embossed custom fabrics. I machine stitched them onto the card, trimmed out the sentiment and dotted it with a heart!

How easy was that?! Do you think you might try this heat embossing on fabric technique? I'd love it if you did and left us a link where we can find your creation to oooh and ahhhh over!  

If anyone has any questions just leave a comment. I'll pop in here to do my best to answer them for you. Have a great day, everyone!



This idea couldn't have come at a better time. My kids are outgrowing their jeans and I was searching for ideas on how to recycle them. Very cute!

Wow What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Very cool Charlene. Thanks for sharing!!

AWESOME Charlene! The posy looks amazing embossed on the denim :)

Wonderful idea! I wonder, though... can this process be used for actual clothing (instead of crafting). I am stamping t-shirts with acrylic stamps, using fabric paint, but would rather use an ink pad. LOL
~doreen at

Good question Doreen. Something tells me that the embossing powder wouldn't be permanent enough to go through a wash and dry successfully. I think I'll give it a try though. I have the sample piece of denim I used in the photos above so I think I'll throw it in the wash this weekend! I'll keep you posted.

And can I just say....stamping with fabric paint.....brilliant!

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