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Getting More Out of Your Stamps with Ashley

Hi Technique Tuesday fans!

Ashley here!

I have a fun way to get more bang for the buck with your stamps.

Next time you stamp: Rather than ink up all of your stamp, just use part of it.

The "hello love" stamp from  Love Always Wins by Ali Edwards is perfect for this technique.


Let me show you how I use it by inking up only some of the stamp rather than all of it.

Use an ink stick to pick up ink from your ink pad. Dab the ink repeatedly onto the stamp's heart.



Then use the same stick to dab ink repeatedly onto the stamp's words.

Keep going until the words are totally covered with ink.

And here is how my partially inked stamp looks when stamped.

Just for comparison, here is how the stamp looks when I ink it up all the way versus part way.

See how one stamp can look like two? FUN!

I used my partially inked stamp to make this card.

Let's stamp together again soon!



I love this... it reminds me of a chalk rubbing. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Very cool technique. Thanks for sharing.

What a great tip !!!!

Great tip! I love that stamp set. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Ashleeeeyyyy! That is so adorable and the technique is brilliant! Ok I need to get myself an ink stick STAT!

this came out great! I didn't know about that stick. what a cool tool!

Stamps make great designs! They make card making/ scrapbooking easier! I love the effect when you inked up the paper all the way. Nonetheless, the card still looks adorable!

great idea - thanx for sharing!

OK, THAT is cool!
What a neat look - the effect is stunning!

What a great technique, Ashley!!

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