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Announcing the August Studio AE Blog Hop Winners

Check out the August Studio AE from Technique Tuesday Blog Hop

Hi everybody!

Our Studio AE team and Ali Edwards are ready to knock your socks off today with the August Studio AE from Technique Tuesday Blog Hop.


They've put together some incredible scrapbook pages and cards with the brand new This One by Ali Edwards stamp set. Be sure to check out all of their blogs today:

Heidi Sonboul (our Studio AE Guest for August)

If you like what you see, please consider leaving some comments for them. As a thank you for all the comments received during the hop on all seven blogs, we will pick two people to win the A Million and One by Ali Edwards stamp set.

You don’t need to leave a comment on all the blogs to be eligible to win. But the more comments you leave, the better chance you have to win.

Also, we want to give a prize away here, too.

We’ll pick someone who comments here on the Technique Tuesday blog to win the Perspectives by Ali Edwards stamp set. Please tell us what kinds of Studio AE stamp sets you'd like to see in the future.

All comments must be made by midnight PST on August 12th.

Tune into the Technique Tuesday blog on August 13th to see if you are one of the lucky winners.



Thanks for the chance to win! I really can't think of another set that I need, y'all are doing a great job each month!

Would love to see something about time and how it relats to people or our everyday lives.

I know I'll be in a minority, but I'd like to see less stamp sets with Ali's handwriting. More graphic/font based stamps. I just think they have more uses than Ali's handwriting, as nice as it is.

I would love to see a set based on your house and daily sentiments, like being present and the here & now.

This is one amazing stamp set! Love the font and the sentiments, which would work so well for MANY occasions! This is definitely going on my "must have" wish list!

I would love some Halloween stamps with a mix of words and images.
Another stamp set I would like to see is classic anniversary words and images.

Love this set! One of my favs :)

Maybe another travel set.

Thank you so much for the blog hops! They are one of the reasons I signed up for Studio AE.

I love all the stamp sets, especially the more general sentiments that could be used on any layout!

I would love to see a journalling block like here Awakening or Evidence 4x6 overlays she has. That would be awesome to have.

Love the stamps btw!

I would love to see a music set! Maybe sentiments about music and clefs and notes? I would buy that in a heartbeat!

i love all the stamps with ali's handwriting!! they are my faves!! what about some ali line stacks and word stacks!! thanks for the chance!

I am in love with all of Ali's stamps! I'd love to see her do something about grandparents in one of her future sets. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your latest giveaway!

I'd like to see stamps that are about pets.

Ali has so many great sets....I love seeing all the creations today. As for a new flavor for Ali~ is there a kiddo set or a school one? Sounds like a plan to me!
I had fun with the hop today, THANKS.

What a ride it has been. I enjoyed the bloghop and I have so much inspiration that I can't wait to recieve my set.
I just love the sentimentstamps, so keep them coming!


I'd love to see some calendar and date sets!

Great projects! I'd love to see some Week in the Life stamp sets from Ali. Thanks for the chance to win.

I am a member of the studio AE and use the stamps for various projects. I would like to see a stamp set with words like "brother and sister".

I love all the sets that have the handwritten sentiments - they are my absolute favourite. I would love a multi-occasion one, with Birthday, Thank you, Thinking of you sentiments all in the same set - I know it would become my 'go-to' set.

This blog is great! LOVE all the ideas!! hmmm...what kinds of stamps? Well, I love the sets that are really versatile and not "theme" related. Things such as hearts, journal lines, generic themes like memories and such (which you guys have already) so basically just keep doing what you are doing!! LOL!!!

Would love to see some sort of Studio AE set about learning… maybe phrases that could be general enough to apply to a broad audience, but that could also be used for school scrapbook pages, etc. (Phrases like “learn something new everyday” or “be curious,” etc.)

I would like to see an AE set about learning - school, observing, reading - something along those lines.

I would love an alphabet set in Ali's hand writing.

Great blog hop. You definitely can't beat Ali's handwriting and phrases so don't change that. But adding the arrows this time was nice. Perhaps shapes like that or even some border stamps. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for this. It was fantastic to see all the different ways of using these stamps!

I love Ali's stamps - they are so versatile. I'm not sure if she has anything like this already, but I'd like to see one about girls growing up. I have 3 little girls so word phrases to help me get creative with my journalling about their antics would be awesome! Thanks!

I really love this set and it was the one that finally pushed me over the edge to join. I've been debating for months and trying to get my LSS to carry it but alas, she couldn't swing the minimums so I signed up here. Can't wait to see what's coming down the pike. I particularly like these small words. I feel really inspired that I'll be able to use them in projects and layouts in a way that I don't find easy with larger images and words so more of this type would be great. I also like the sentiments in boxes that Ali does so well.

Stamped journal cards (outline with days of the week, months, etc) in rectangles or circles; school related stamps; month/days/number stamps; I love Polaroid outlines but know that has been done by other companies. I love all of the stamps you put out, so anything would be great! :)

Love Ali's new stamp set. I'd love to see more date related stamps for older photos. There's so many wonder date stamps for NOW, but I have so many older photos that are from the 40s through the 80s. Now that I'm scanning photos from my mother's old albums, I'd love a stamp to quickly "date" them. Thanks.

This has been a great blog hop!! Someone wrote about non-themed sets. I agree with that. I like everyday type words and smaller words so you can use them like Nichol does in her journaling. And simple graphics like the arrows are great!! Thanks for another great blog hop and giveaway!

I Love the idea of BIG stamped journal cards! Love Ali's stamps so much and hope I win :)

love Ali's stamps

I'd also like to see a set about pets. Love Ali's sets! They work in so many different ways!

I love Ali's stamps! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

I would like to see the following stamp sets from Ali:

1. New December Daily set (companion to use with 2010 set but not limited to just 2011 so it can be used again and again. Would like it to have more to do with recording Christmas items and events rather than just dates).

2. Family set

3. A Week in the Life Set

4. Home set

5. Vacation set

6. Calendar set (days of the week, months, holidays. Would be great for making handmade calendars).

7. Seasons set (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter)

8. Pet sets (One for cats, one for dogs)

9. Recipe set

10. Thanksgiving set

11. Photos set

12. Easter set

13. New Year's set

14. New Journaling Blocks set

15. Camping set

16. Day and Month Labels set

17. Wedding set

18. Relatives set

19. Sentiments set

20. Holidays and Celebration set

Thanks for asking what we'd like to see! Hopefully some of these will be available in the near future!

Great set. I also make a lot of cards and could use verses for inside the cards. I like the suggestions above for a music set and pet set.

Cool. hoping to win!

I love her sets! I'd like to have one incorporating numbers and one with expressive words (e.g., funny, frowning, surprised, goofy, etc.). I am digging Ali's new digital set with the summer phrases, too.

I love blog hops. They give me ideas...

I can't wait to see what's in store for me.

Ohhh, I love blog hops. Thanks so much.

I would like images like retro people and technology.

So many different ways to use these stamps! Thanks for the blog hop

I have a lot of sentiments already, so I prefer that you come out with stamps that are unlike anything I already have (I have a ton of stamps, though). Maybe book related (book plates, ones for book marks, etc.

There are still so many stamps I want to get it is hard to tell you what I would like in the future. Maybe some of her digi stuff for WITL into stamps. I also like the suggestion above for anniversary things.

Love these little words--keep those coming. I would like to see something TIME related. (hours, minutes, seconds, Today, Yesterday, a clock)

Also something WORK related- (hard work, daily routine, above and beyond, Noted, Observed, Late, Done, Complete)

Not all of us have children to do layouts for school so more broad stamps are appreciated

I love the short and concise sentiments. I think one that is school themed would get alot of mileage from me!
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I love Ali's handwriting and the graphic stamps, too. Would love to see stamps pertaining to music, and to family.

I love Ali's sets thanks for making them into stamps. I'd love to see a more religious holiday sentiments. and I know Ali is more scrapping than cards but I love her handwriting and would love some basic A2 size card greetings (Hello, Miss you, Love you, etc) that could be used for cards (especially OWH cards).

thanks agains,

I would like for you to make a stamp set with a county fair theme that is different from all other stamp companies' images. I've seen Ferris Wheels, popcorn, etc. But I'd like other images from circuses and fairs.

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