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Meet August's Studio AE Stamp Set

Guess What? We've Got Casablanca Stamp Sets!

Have you ever wished you could take back your words?

A couple months ago when I was answering our customer support phone calls, I talked to a really nice customer who wanted the Casablanca stamp set. I told her I was so sorry but the stamp set had been discontinued and was no longer available. I even checked in the warehouse to make sure. Now I need to tell her I was wrong!

We were doing a bit of cleaning the other day and we found a stack of about 20 of them filed in the wrong place. If by some lucky chance that customer is reading this posting – please accept my apology!

And now, lets make sure I’m correct the next time I say that Casablanca is all sold out by putting them on sale and selling them all. They’re just $8.49 – that’s a 50% discount on a full-size set of stamps.


In addition to Casablanca, you can find Rococo and Dog & Pony Show on the Sale page for 50 percent off.



I always loved these stamps...wonder if I try to buy so I have TWO sets!!!!

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