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Keeping Track of Your Watercolor Crayons

Are you using our watercolor crayons yet?

Stamping Tech Daniela Dobson has worked up a great system for keeping track of the ones she has and the ones she wants to get.

She has created her very own color chart based on our crayons.


To make her chart, Daniela used a ruler and a round Technique Tile. She used a permanent black marker to trace the tile to make the circles.

When she adds a new watercolor crayon to her stash, she colors in the appropriate circle.


What a great idea!



Sweet! That is a great idea!

Clever idea

I'll have to check these out at CKC in Valley Forge. I'm taking a couple of TT classes and will be hitting up the booth at the vendor fair. :)

Oh wow! These are so cool!

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