Funny, Sarcastic and Sassy Stamped Card Ideas

Get ready to grin, chuckle or even laugh out loud. Today is all about funny, sarcastic or even snarky card ideas. Whether you are making cards or gift tags for youngsters or mature adults who still have a good sense of humor, these projects are for you!


(If you see a project you like, you can use the coupon code TTSass through Thursday, 9/26, to get 20% off any of the stamp and dies in our Sassy Sentiments Collection.)


Enhance Your Sassy Sentiment with a BUNCH of Images

One way to enhance a sarcastic or sassy birthday sentiment is to be a little over the top with the images on your card. You can do that by making extremely colorful images. Or by adding a whole bunch of images. Here are a couple examples by Norine.

TechTues-SassyBday-Sept19-2 Norine Borys

Norine didn't include a balloon or two on her first sassy, umpteenth birthday card. She filled the top of this card with colorful balloons. She used a masking technique to make all those balloons look like they are overlapping each other. By including an large number of balloons, Norine re-enforces the idea that someone is having their "Umpteenth" birthday. (The birthday sentiment stamp and balloon image are both from the Umpteenth Birthday stamp set.)


For her second card, Norine used the masking technique and a combination of birthday present images from the Umpteenth Birthday and the Sassy Birthday stamp sets. She stamped a simple "Happy Birthday" sentiment from the Sassy Birthday stamp set on the front of her card. Now just image any of the punny, sassy or snarky birthday sentiments from either of those stamp sets on the inside of this card! 

TechTues-SassyBday-Sept19-8 Norine Borys

Visit Norine's blog to learn more about the pens, paper, or inks she used to make these sassy birthday cards!

If you want to learn more about masking, here's a video tutorial!


Stand Out with 1 Colored Image

Another way to boost a sarcastic sentiment about someone being unique or a one-of-a-kind friend is to add a bunch of images but only color one of them.


Ana used the June the Giraffe stamp set with matching dies to make this card. She stamped and die cut out five, funny giraffes. But she only colored one of them so that it really "stands out". You can learn more about this project on Ana's blog. What a fun way to tie together the images and the sentiment to make an extra sassy card! 

See more funny giraffe cards on our website!


Create a Scene for Your Sassy Card

Once you start making cute critters, you'll probably find that they are even cuter and funnier when you make a scene on your card. Scene cards take a little more work to make but they also are a lot more special. Allison and Jane's cards show two different ways of making punny scene projects.


Allison stamped and cut out this adorable "kid" using the Gertie & Garth Goat stamp set and matching dies. Then she used one of the many sarcastic sentiments from the goat stamp yet and cut it out using the rectangle from the Oval & Rectangle Stitched Labels crafting dies. To make the scene Allison used the Funny Farm stamps to make the barn and fence. You can learn more about how Allison made this card on her blog. What a funny stamped card that could work for birthdays, graduations, thank you cards and more!

See lots more funny barnyard scene projects over on our website!


Instead of using stamps and dies to make a background scene like Allison did, Jane Clark used alcohol markers to make the scene on this funny card. Honestly... making that kind of scene takes more artistic skills than I have so I wouldn't even try to make a background like this. But I think Jane's sassy card is AMAZING! 


After coloring her farm scene background, Jane stamped and cut out one of the cute chooks (which is what they call chickens in Australia) using the Chicken Family stamps and dies. To add some action to her sassy card, she added a wobbler to the back of her chicken. When you touch the card, the wobbler makes the chicken move so that it looks like it is springing around. She stamped one of the funny chicken sentiment onto the background. Here's a link to Jane's blog post about her punny cards.

Check out more s-peck-tacular chicken project ideas!


Spotlight Your Sassy Sentiments and Die-Cut Images

Scene cards and cards with lots of stamped images really fill up a card. But a single image plus a stamped sentiment can really accentuate the sassy-ness. Here is an example by Dana.

Cheeky Chicken-Card-Sassy-Dana Kirby-Technique-Tuesday0To get started, Dana stamped the running chicken image from the Cheeky Chicken set of stamps and dies. The Cheeky chicken is designed to go with the other images in the Chicken Family stamp set. But the Cheeky Chicken stamp set includes sentiments that are more on the edgy side of life.

Dana added just a bit of red to the comb on top of the cheeky chicken's head. And bit of orange to its beak. She stamped the sassy birthday sentiment onto the circle on her card. But as you can see, most of the card is white. What an easy way to spotlight her cheeky chicken and sassy sentiment!


Here's another card featuring a mostly white card with the Cheeky Chicken image and sentiment. But this time Dana used a sassy birthday sentiment. Wouldn't one of your extra sassy friends laugh out loud if you sent them a snarky card like this one!


Inset Your Snarky Message

If you are like me, when you want to draw attention to your funny or sarcastic sentiment, you pop it up with a bit of dimensional adhesive. But here is a nice alternative... you can inset your sentiment like Allison did on this funny card!


Allison used the Gertie & Garth Goat stamps and dies to make the happy goat. And she used the Funny Farm stamp and dies to make the bales of hay for her project. But what makes this card different is how she made the sentiment. She used the largest die from the set of Postage Card dies to cut out a piece of white cardstock.


Then she stamped her sentiment (from the Gertie and Garth stamp set) onto her white, postage-edge piece. Next she used the rectangle from the Oval & Rectangle Stitched Labels crafting dies to cut out her sentiment. She used foam adhesive to pop up the white, postage-edge piece, the goat and the hay bales. She positioned the sentiment underneath so that it is set into her card. What a nice way to draw attention to a sassy or snarky sentiment!


Stamp Black Sentiments on Vibrant Backgrounds for a Sassy Feel

These colorful cards by Lisa Spangler make me happy! And if you are a cardmaker, having a pile of vibrant, sassy cards like these ready to send out at a moment's notice would probably make you pretty happy too.


One of Lisa's go-to techniques is to make loose watercolor backgrounds like these for her cards. But when you make watercolor backgrounds for your cards, don't move to the next step too quickly. Make sure your background pieces are completely dry before stamping on them or trimming the edges.

Once Lisa had cut down her background pieces, she used black ink and stamped the funny, sarcastic sentiments from the Snail Mail stamp set on her projects. Visit Lisa's blog to learn more about these cards. 


Want to keep the fun going? Stamp on the back of your cards too!


Plus don't stop there. Check out the coordinating envelops that Lisa made. What a WONDERFUL stack of humorous cards and envelops  too!

See more Snail Mail project ideas!


Here's another card by Lisa with a much smaller watercolor background.


She used the Sassy Coffee Stamp Set on this funny card. Wouldn't your coffee-loving friends and family members love to get a card like it!


Make the Boys in Your Life Laugh

What is it about boys and frog cards? Our customer care team frequently get calls and emails from people who have made cards using the Felix the Frog stamps and dies. They tell us how much fun they've had making frog cards for their sons, grandsons, or the men in their lives who are still young at heart. And they also tell us how much the guys in their lives enjoy receiving frog cards like these!


Allison made not one, but two sassy frog cards. (You can see all of Allison's sassy card ideas on her blog.) On her first card, she made a traditional green frog. But she also added some darker green spots to make him be even more interesting.



Allison's second card features a big-old orange, die-cut frog. Wouldn't the youngsters and more mature men smile if you gave them a thank you card with an orange frog on it? 


Daniel West also made two funny cards. And both of them feature AMAZING colored, stamp images.


On his first card, Daniel used the Felix the Frog stamps. You've seen Felix on several projects already. But if you look closely at Daniel's card, you'll notice that something different and very funny is happening on it. Don't see it? Look closely at the frog's mouth. Daniel's frog has just caught a bug and is eating it. What a HILARIOUS card!


The next project features the Love Stinks stamp set. Now some people around TTWHQ (Technique Tuesday World Headquarters) think the Love Stinks stamp set is a little (or a lot) over the line. But I can imagine many people (boys, men and really anyone who likes to push some boundaries) would enjoy making and receiving a card featuring smiling poop and toilet paper emojis.


Plus don't forget to admire the coloring Daniel did on this snarky card. I never thought I'd write this on our blog (or really anywhere) but the delicate shading on the poop and the toilet paper is very well done!


Emphasize Your Sassy Sentiment with Pops of Color

You may not have noticed this but every, single sentiment on every, single card in this blog post was stamped using black ink. Don't get me wrong... nearly all of my stamped sentiments are black too. But sometimes don't you crave just a little bit of color, especially on your funny cards?


The Little Prickly stamp set includes cactus and succulent that are designed to be fun to color. And guess what else? The sentiments are all designed to be colored too!


Each of the "punniest" words are in an open font so you can add color to the most important word. So stamp and die cut out your cacti and succulents. Then use the same colors to make your sentiments really pop. Seeka shows a lovely example on her beautifully colored, punny card. You can learn more about her project on Seeka's blog.

See More Funny Card Ideas Featuring these Cacti!


Sarcastic Cards Can Still Be Pretty and Elegant

It's been a while since I read Cinderella (or watched the movie) but, if I remember right, it has lots of pretty moments that appeal to my feminine side. But like many women, I find the whole idea that I need a prince charming to give me the good life rather offensive. Maybe that's why I like these cards by Yasmin so much! They combine pretty, feminine elements with sassy sentiments that would appeal to lots of women who are making a good life for themselves!

To make this card, Yasmin stamped the Cinderella sentiment from the Sassy Fashion Stamp Set on the largest element from the set of Essential Stitched Labels dies. She heat embossed her sentiment using gold embossing powder. Yasmin also heat embossed one of the dress images from that same stamp set onto pretty patterned paper. Then she fussy cut it out. The pink twine, gem, gold embossing and elegantly embossed background are all really LOVELY! 


 Yasmin's second cards is just as pretty and feminine as her first card. But this time she stamped one of the shoe images from the Sassy Fashion set along with another sassy sentiment. Even on the days I am feeling most cynical about prince charming, I'd still love to receive a gorgeous funny card like this one. And I'm always up for some shoe shopping! Yasmin shares more details about both of her sassy cards on her blog.


I hope you've enjoyed seeing all these funny, sassy, sarcastic and even snarky project ideas. I've had a lot of fun writing about them and hope we've inspired you to make some funny projects of your own!


P.S.: If you saw some funny project ideas you'd like to re-create, good news. From now through 9/26/2019, you get 20% off many of the products used to make these cards. To take advantage of this special offer, visit the Sassy Sentiments Stamps and Dies Collection on our website. When you check out enter coupon code TTSass.

BUAHFelix-Felix-the-Frog-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle Love-Stinks Sassy-Coffee
Snail-Mail BUCheek-Cheeky-Chicken-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle BUChiFa-Chicken-Family-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle
BUGerti-Gertie-and-Garth-Goat-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle BUALPri-A-Little-Prickly-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle Sassy-Fashion
BUAHJuneG-June-the-Giraffe-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle Umpteenth-Birthday Essential-Stitched-Labels-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday-FB

How to Make Scrapbook Embellishments

Calling all scrapbookers and memory keepers. Would you like to make your photos and memories be the highlight of your scrapbooks, have more fun while you are crafting and SAVE MONEY? Then this blog post is for you!


We invited some amazing designers to make scrapbook layouts, pocket pages, December Daily projects and Traveler's Notebook layouts using the stamps and dies from our Scrapbooking Collection. Each of their projects show how you can use stamps and dies to make titles, embellishments and journaling spots using colors that complement your photos and reflect your own style.

So grab your favorite Sunday morning beverage and take a few minutes to see how you can use stamps, dies and cardstock plus a little ink to be more creative and save money!


Make Unique Accents Using Plain White Cardstock

Oh be still my heart... I love this layout! When we were designing the Love Home stamps and Build a Birdhouse dies I imagined them being used to make photo captions and embellishments on pages about building a new house or layouts about hanging out at home. I also thought about using them to make gift tags or cards to welcome new families to the neighborhood or church. But the colorful birdhouse embellishments and these scrapbook pages by Lorilei Murphy are even better than what I imagined.


Lorilei used the Build a Birdhouse dies to cut out black and white birdhouse pieces. Then she used some ink to add color to the white cardstock elements. Finally she reassembled the inked pieces with the black roofs and perches to make one-of-a-kind, birdhouse embellishments for her scrapbook layout.

To finish her project, Lorilei used some black ink to stamp her layout titles using the Love Home stamps. The simple black sentiments create such a lovely contrast with her colorful scrapbook embellishments and background!

Want to see more projects and a video about how to use these stamps and dies to make embellishments? Hop over to our website!


Make Photo-Corner Embellishments

One way to highlight the pictures on your scrapbook layouts is to make photo-corner embellishments using colors that are in your pictures. Nathalie DeSousa used the Just Us Girls Stamp Set and Matching Dies to make feminine embellishments, photo captions and to start her journaling block. Here's how she did it.

Make Photo Corner Embellishments Scrapbook Page

Nathalie got out markers that were similar in color to the clothes the people in her photo were wearing. She used those markers to add color to the stamped flower images. Then she used the matching dies to cut out beautiful corner embellishments to go around her photo.

To add balance to her two-page spread, she made another set of flower accents and used those corner embellishments to highlight her journaling block. What a lovely way to make embellishments for your layouts about the girls and women in your life!

See more project ideas and a video tutorial over on our website!


Create Dimensional Embellishments

These dimensional heart embellishments would look AMAZING on soooo many different projects. And this layout could go in so many different albums! For example, you could add a page like this to your children's scrapbooks to help them celebrate and remember their grandmother and grandfather. Or make a similar layout and give it to your children's grandparents. Or make a scrapbook spread about your grandparents and put it in your own album.

Create Dimensional Scrapbook Embellishments

This delightful layout is by Neftali Zambrano. She used the Grandma Blessings stamps and matching dies to make this layout and create the 3-D heart embellishments!

To get started Neftali stamped the heart image using pink ink fifteen times on white cardstock. Then she used the matching die to cut them all out. (She saved the strips of white cardstock with the negative spaces left when she cut out all those hearts.)

Close-up of Dimensional Scrapbook Embellishments

She folded the stamped hearts down the middle. She layered 3 of the stamped hearts to create five dimensional-heart embellishments. Then she sewed the layered, stamped heart accents to the white cardstock strips that were left over when she die cut the hearts. To finish her scrapbook layout, she used one of the sentiment stamps to make the page title.

If you are worried about what to do with this much dimension in your scrapbook, here are a couple options. You could put your layout in a shadowbox and use it as home decor. Or you can simply flatten the embellishments out before sliding the layout into your page protector.

If you'd like to make additional dimensional elements (not just hearts), look for stamps that are symmetrical. For example, you could make similar layered butterfly embellishments using the butterfly image that is included in the Grandma Blessings stamps and matching dies bundle.


Use Phrases as Embellishments

Often we think of butterflies, stars and flowers as being page embellishments. But here's a traditional scrapbook layout by Amanda Baldwin showing how you can use sentiments or photo captions as accents on your pages.

Use Phrases as Scrapbook Page Embellishments

Amanda used the Remember When Scrapbooking stamp set plus the Oval and Rectangle Stitched Labels dies to make this beautiful, traditional scrapbook layout. To get started Amanda stamped some of the sentiments and cut them out using the rectangle dies. Then she used more phrase stamps and a second-generation stamping technique on the background of her layout. The phrases stamped on the labels are more prominent and add a sense of dimension to her page. While the lighter stamped background phrases and butterflies create an almost ethereal feeling on this layout.

You can see more scrapbook projects featuring these stamps and dies in a video tutorial on our website!


Turn Your Photo into an Embellishment

Sometimes you see something and think "why didn't I think of that?" I had one of those moments when I saw this layout by Theresa Doan. She turned her photo into something that also acts as an embellishment on her very creative scrapbook page.


Theresa started with a simple photo of eight women having dinner. Then she used the Pieces of My Heart die to cut it out. She reassembled the picture puzzle pieces to make the heart-shaped photo on the left side of this layout. The puzzle-piece photo embellishment really amplifies the idea that when people come together they can make wonderful things happen.


To finish her project, Theresa stamped the "Together We Make a Family" phrase as the title for her scrapbook page. Then she scattered several more puzzle piece embellishments toward the bottom of her scrapbook page. 

See more cards and layouts featuring this set of stamps and dies over on our website!


Set the Mood with a Colorful Background

Color plays such a big part in establishing a theme or mood for your scrapbook pages. But when you are using premade stickers, chipboard accents, patterned paper or really any embellishment, you are stuck with their colors. That's where stamps and dies really are your friends. Here is an example of how you can use stamps and dies to make unique backgrounds for your pages.

Stamp a Colorful Background For Your Scrapbook Page

This enchanting layout by Neftali Zambrano is all about her adorable son. She used the phrase stamps that are most relevant about her son and stars from the Kids Are Cool stamp set along with sherbet-colored inks to make patterned paper for both sides of her project. Then she used the coordinating Kids Are Cool dies to cut out similarly-colored hearts, stars and words to embellish her project. The colors she used reinforce the playful nature of this wonderful scrapbook page. Plus this is a one-of-a-kind scrapbook layout her son will cherish!


Tell Your Story Your Way

Here's another example of how to stamp your own patterned elements to help tell your story your way. Adelina Starace's pocket page project is all about the 4th of July.

stamp your own patterned scrapbook elements

Adelina used red and blue ink along with the Things Change stamps and Captions and Labels dies to make the photo caption at the top of her pocket page project. She also used the same set of stamps to make a ticket-patterned 3" x 4" pocket page insert for the middle row on her layout.

The red, white and blue color scheme is often associated with the Fourth of July. But the phrases Adelina used are not the traditional sentiments you would find on premade 4th of July patterned paper, pocket page inserts or embellishments. Her layout is a reminder of how easy it is to create your own unique elements and tell your own story your way!


Create December Daily Embellishments

If you make a December Daily album every year, you know that creating your foundation pages and as many elements as possible ahead of time is ESSENTIAL to finishing your album during December! Plus you also know that finding December Daily embellishments in non-traditional Christmas colors (or colors that you and your family would actually wear) can be really hard.

Here are several projects showing how you can make embellishments for your December Daily scrapbooks that complement your own style, feature your favorite colors and that are much less expensive too!

Create Your Own December Daily Embellishments

Ashley Horton created these pink Christmas-themed pages using the Story of December Days stamp set and the Postage Card dies. She stamped the Dec 25 circle and then used the dies to add the visually-interesting postage-stamp edge.

Make Embellishments for Your December Daily Album

She also used the same set of stamps to add her journaling prompt. Then she stamped the "Magical Moment" sentiment from the December Moments stamp set below her photo. What a wonderful Christmas story and lovely December Daily layout!

Want to see more December Daily project ideas? Watch this 2-minute video featuring the Story of December Days stamp set and the Postage Card dies!


Make Some Tag Embellishments

Tags are another easy way to spruce up your traditional scrapbook layouts, pocket pages or December Daily layouts. Kari Stiles created several tag accents for this very classy December Daily pocket page.

Make Some Tag Embellishments For Your December Daily Scrapbook Pages

Kari used the Story of December Days stamps (the same set that Ashley used on the previous layout) to make several of the elements on this pocket page. Kari stamped the rectangular December 9 accent and cut it out. To make the white tag, Kari used the "DEC" stamp and generation stamping. Finally she used "the Story of" sentiment stamp to make the journaling tag embellishment.

Story of December Pocket Pages Kari S Technique-Tuesday7

One of the things I really like about Kari's project is that there isn't a single red or green accent on it. And she didn't get stuck using someone else's trendy color scheme. She kept it simple and only included embellishments that complimented and helped highlight her photos.

Now that you've seen Ashley's and Kari's December Daily pages, imagine how much faster your album would go together this year and how much money you would save if you made date embellishments and stamped journaling spots like theirs for all your pages!Tt-separator

Make Your Own Santa Embellishments

Just look at the amazingly creative Santa accents that Tina Stepanova made for her December Daily album! I want to go straight to my craft table and make some embellishments and pages just like hers!!!

Make a Transparent Santa Embellishment for Your December Daily Scrapbook Page

To make this December Daily transparency, Tina used the Dear Santa stamp set and permanent white ink.

Documenting December Tina S Technique Tuesday3 Documenting December Tina S Technique Tuesday2


She used the same stamp set along with the matching Dear Santa dies to make embellishments for several 3" x 4" pocket page inserts.

Documenting December Tina S Technique Tuesday8 (1) Documenting December Tina S Technique Tuesday1 (1)

And just like Ashley and Kari, Tina created date embellishments using the Story of December Days stamps.

Tina shares more details about how to make these projects over on her blog. Plus she shows several more Christmas-themed scrapbook pages that are AMAZING. This is a blog post you don't want to miss!

You also aren't going to want to miss this 2-minute video where you can see lots more Santa embellishment ideas!


Wow... whether you create clean and simple layouts or prefer a more elaborate look, I hope you saw some ideas here that inspire you to make some embellishments for your own scrapbook pages!


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  1. Go to our website and put $30 of products in your cart.
  2. Then go to the Free Flair page, choose your free stamp set, and add it to your cart.
  3. When you check out, enter the code Free-Flair. The charges for your free stamp set will be removed from your order.
  4. BONUS: Spend $75 or more and you'll get FREE shipping too!
Not sure where to start shopping? We've included links to all the stamp and die bundles used to make the projects featured in this blog post. Or you can see the entire collection of stamps and dies designed especially for scrapbookers!
BULHome-Love-Home-Stamp-Set-and-Build-a-Birdhouse-Crafting-Dies-Bundle BuJGirl-Just-Us-Girls-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle
BuGrand-Grandma-Blessings-Stamp-and-Die-Bundle BuRemeW-Remember-When-Scrapbooking-Stamp-Set-and-coordinating-Oval-&-Rectangle-Stitched-Labels-Crafting-Dies
BULYPie-Love-You-to-Pieces-Stamp-and-Pieces-of-My-Heart-Die-Bundle BuKidsA---Kids-Are-Cool-Stamp-Set-and-Kids-Are-Cool-Crafting-Die-Bundle
BuThing-Things-Change-Stamp-Set-and-Captions-and-Labels-Crafting-Die-Bundle BuDocDe-Documenting-December-Stamps-and-Dies-Bundle

A Scrapbook Layout That Will Make You Smile

Heya, Julie here with another colorful scrapbook layout from Nathalie. I really like how she combined the small, stamped phrases with the script-y "smile" and "laugh" die-cut words to make a title for this layout. The black stamped elements and die-cut phrases look fabulous with the bright, patterned paper she used! 


Hi there! Nathalie with you today with a layout that uses the fun Laugh and Smile Stamp Set, along with the Layered Smile Crafting Dies, and the Layered Laugh Crafting Dies. These new sets are sure to be a staple in my documenting, as they are versatile and lots of fun. Let me show you what I have created.


To create this page, I pulled the Oh Happy Day collection from Simple Stories and cut one of the collection’s papers to fit the size of my Life Crafted album (Citrus Twist Kits). The idea was to create a fun border for the pages, so I used the Cascading Hearts Border crafting die to create the edges of the layout.


In addition, I used the Cascading Hearts Border Crafting Die to detail another strip of paper (same collection) so that I could use it to create the title of the page on the other side of my layout. Here I used a combination of the Laugh and Smile Stamp Set and the coordinating dies to create an elaborate title for this layout.


For the title, I used some black ink to create two sentiment boxes on white cardstock using the Laugh and Smile Stamp set. These were fussy cut and popped with foam adhesive on the page. The Layered Laugh crafting die and Layered Smile crafting die sets were used to create the script “Smile” and “Laugh” words twice from metallic black paper. This were stacked together, and then glued on the page to complete my title, so that it reads, “I LOVE YOUR SMILE, but THIS PHOTO MAKES ME LAUGH”.


To balance the title, I chose to add the picture at a mirror position and then added a few clusters around it. I chose to use the words, “smile” and “laugh” from the Laugh and Smile Stamp set at the bottom of the picture to emphasize the sentiment of the page. Some of the negative heart pieces were then glued to the layout to bring some extra color pops.


The Laugh and Smile stamps are sure to become a staple on my collection. They are part of the Memory Keeper Studio Collection. Make sure to check them out on the Technique Tuesday shop. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you all so much!



Isn't that a pretty layout? I'll admit, I'm probably biased because she used the Cascading Hearts Border Die, which was the first in our border dies collection a year and a half ago. I got to design that die, so I love seeing how everyone uses it!


P.S. Are you a member of the Memory Keepers Studio auto-ship program? Or the Fresh Cut Studio auto-ship program? We shipped the Laugh and Smile stamp set and Layered Smile Crafting Dies to members in June.

Not a member? You can order the stamp set and the dies now!

Laugh-and-Smile-Memory-Keepers-Studio-Clear-Stamps-Technique-Tuesday-FB Layered-Smile-Fresh-Cut-Studio-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday-FB
Layered-Laugh-Crafting-Dies-Technique-Tuesday-FB Cascading-Border-Crafting-Die-Technique-Tuesday-FB

Scrapbooking Photos That Make You Laugh in a Traveler's Notebook

Hello! Julie here today with an entertaining scrapbook layout from Sheree. Her traveler's notebook pages showcase some hilarious photos and amusing memories from her everyday life. Projects about family members and friends who make you laugh are such a hoot to work on, aren't they? I hope you enjoy her tutorial!


Hi everyone! It’s Sheree with you today as guest designer this month and I have a traveler’s notebook spread to share with your using the fun Laugh and Smile Stamp Set!


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Traveler's Notebook Layouts About Being Happy

Hello all! Happy Monday morning. Julie here with a scrapbook project that is all about happy faces and laughter! Jung used the Laugh and Smile Stamp Set and the Layered Smile Crafting Dies to make a traveler's notebook layout about her daughter's sassy smile and the funny faces she makes. I love how Jung combined a clean and simple design and bright colors to bring a happy, light-hearted feeling to this memory keeping project.


Hello crafty friends! It’s Jung here, and I am so happy to be back sharing a post on the Technique Tuesday blog.

Today, I’m working with the Laugh and Smile stamp set along with the Layered Smile die set. I have a Travelers Notebook that I fill with some of my favorite photos and memories, and I decided to make a TN spread featuring a photo of a meme that I created of my youngest daughter.


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11 Cute Stamped Chameleon Cards and Project Ideas

Can you believe it's already September and that the trees will be changing colors soon? To go along with the idea of changing colors, we thought it would be fun to introduce a cute chameleon this month. I hope you enjoy seeing all these projects from the Technique Tuesday team featuring this month's new Chameleon Friends stamp set and matching dies.


Make Your Chameleon Match the Background


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2019 Mega Sponsor Fall Blog Hop Winners Announced!

2019 Fall Blog Hop WinnersNEW copyHi there!

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Mega Sponsor Spring Blog Hop. Thank you to all who participated! We are so happy that you joined in on the fun.

The winner of our prize is:

Patt H.

Be sure to check each sponsor to see if you have won.
Congratulations to the winners! Watch for future Mega Sponsor giveaways!

 **Note: Please contact the sponsor of the prize you won to claim it! Claim your prize by Friday, September 6 midnight EST, If not claimed by then, the sponsor has the option to choose another winner or void the prize altogether.**

14 Stamped Lotus Flower Cards and Project Ideas

Did you know lotus flowers come in many different colors and are often multi-hued? I used to think of them as having very light-colored centers with delicate-pink flower tips. But when we started thinking about adding a lotus to our Greenhouse Society Collection of flower stamps and dies, we did some research. Now I know you can use nearly any color to create life-like stamped lotus flower projects. Here are 12 stamped lotus cards showing some amazing ways to use this month's Lotus stamps and matching dies!

Plus don't miss Julie's video tutorial featuring the Lotus Stamps and the Bubbles on the Border Dies!


Clean and Simple Stamped Lotus Card...


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12 Vacation, Adventure and Travel-Themed Scrapbooking Project Ideas

Are you scrapbooking a recent vacation to an exotic location? Or were your summer adventures closer to home? Here's a collection of travel, recreation and vacation-themed scrapbook layouts, pocket pages, and traveler's notebook spreads to inspire you. Plus we've included some bonus projects so you can see how these same stamps and dies work for cardmakers too!

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Keep Things Simple... Only Use Black Ink

When you are just starting to stamp, typically the only color of ink you have is black. But when your collection of ink pads starts to grow it's easy to forget that sometimes the crisp look of black ink is really the best. This layout by Maggie Massey shows how to use simply stamped images and some sassy sentiment stamps to really highlight your travel and recreation photos.


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