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June 24, 2018


I would love to adopt Felix the Frog, he is so cute! One of my favorites! :) Have a great sunday!

I am loving the giraffe!

Chicken family!

I love Clementine the Cow.

It's hard to name one favorite! Is it the chicken, the goat, the cow? I think the turtle!
I just love the clever and sweet sentiments that pair these sweet animals.

We are a family of adopters here in England, we have 3 rescue cats and a dog. I'd adopt so many of money & space was no object but we have stopped at who we have. I love so many of your animal stamps, I'd start with Hanna the horse then the turtle trip then those adorable foxes till I adopted them all as I can afford to feed these x

I have Aunts that love Giraffe's. So I would say that. Even though they are all cute!

I love Hanna the horse, my youngest is horse crazy and I think this set is so cute. But they are all adorable!

Giraffe's would be nice!! Love the giraffe stamp and all the sentiments!!! Great!

I love the Chicken Family stamp set...they are all so cute!

I have always been an animal lover. Leonardo the Lion Stamp Set and die I think wins me over. Not only is He the King of ALL animals, but his sentiments wins me over hands down!

Turtle Trio for me! My all-time fave!

Probably the frog. It all of them are fun

They are all so cute.....but I would choose Floyd and Fannie Flamingo!

They are all absolutely adorable! I love Floyd and Frannie flamingo best though!

Felix the Frog has the cutest expression.

I would love to have a horse. When I was a eartly teen, I had two friends who had ponies. We started a pony club. Had lots of good times. So my choice is Hanna the Horse.

Chicken Family is super cute!

Gertie and Garth goat stamps! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love your Floyd and Frannie Flamingo and I have it. The next on my hit list is Gertie and Garth. I think they are hilarious!

Sammy the squirrel would be my choice.

I would love to have Zsa Zsa the Owl. She’s the cutest 😍

I would love to adopt Felix the Frog - He will have a safe and happy home with me.

I’ve been adopting your animals for at least a year. Lorenzo the Llama was before I joined but he is still on my list for adoption. He’s just so darn cute. I look forward to my new friends that come each month.

Fannie Flamingo and Floyd who’s also my best friends husbands name or Felixthe frog 🐸

I love the turtles.

I'd like to adopt the Turtle Trio - so many uses! I will take good care of them and I'll even buy the matching die set.

I would like to adopt Parker and Penny pigs. They are cute and have cute sayings.

Gertie and Garth Goat. Love the goats and the sentiments are write up my alley. Dawn riley

The link to the animal section didn't work so I just looked through all your stamps. Quite a few caught my eye but I love Who Let The Dogs Out. I would love to adopt those cute puppies and the accessory stamps are wonderful. Thanks for the chance. Hugz

I would adopt Floyd & Frankie Flamingo and Gertie & Garth Goat! Super adorable!

It would have to be the Goats!
I would never have thought it would be the goat, but yes I love the sentiments!!

It's difficult to pick from your terrific animals and their awesome accompanying words- i guess it's the awesome goat!

I love the Turtle Trio. The sentiments are wonderful.

I love the animal stamps and dies!!! Felix the frog is so cute!!!! I would love Felix!!! He would be have a good home all the other animal stamps!!! I have some friends that love frogs, Felix would have lots of fun!!! I would love to adopt him!!!

I think Felix the Frog is soo cute that I would love to adopt him and put him in a wonderful pond card with lily pads and flowers.

I had a hard time choosing from Cheeky Chicken and the Chicken Family as I have always wanted chickens, to Sammy the Squirrel as he is cute like the ones in my yard. As I have very few animal stamps, any of the ones in the store would make me happy. Thanks for the chance to play along.

They are all soooo cute and very hard to pick. But I think I would love to adopt Gertie and Garth Goats. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity!

One of my husband's sayings is "I want to buy a goat"! So that is my choice!

They are all so stinkin' cute that it's hard to pick just one, but I have loved the Phyllis & Fin for a while now!

Oooh, Gertie and Garth Goats are so cute. Love all the sentiments on the set.

Love them all, but I’m so partial to turtles, so Turtle Trio would have to be my fave!

I love the entire “herd”, but Clementine the cow gets my vote today. :)

I love the Lorenzo Llama set! So versatile. Thanks for the opportunity.

Talk about hard to choose, but I'd have to go with clementine the cow. Thanks for the chance to adopt a new stamp pet. :)

I like the Turtle Trio set; since I am 75, I am on the "slow" side...ha ha.

My daughter has a thing for cows so it would have to be Clementine.

omg... the llama... he's adorable and love those sentiments... hard to choose though... I had a few on my list but right this moment... the llama! Thanks for a chance to win it!

Oh my goodness. I'd adopt the goats for my younger cousins. They show goats first 4-H and I'd love to do scrapbook pages for them.

I will definitely adopt the very adorably encouraging Leonardo the Lion. He’s the perfect companion for days when you need a pick-me-up! :)

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